Cheapest click system plastic flooring


Cheapest 1.6mm vinyl flooring fireproof waterproof anti slip plastic flooring…



LC OAK RUNM1058(图1)
The laminate floor press locks sold on the market can basically be divided into single lock, triple lock and quadruple lock floors. The biggest feature of the lock floor is to prevent the floor joints from cracking.

The firmness, stability and durability of the floor lock are mainly determined by the chamfering area and angle of the lock, the processing accuracy, and the toughness of the substrate. As long as the structure of the single-lock lock floor is reasonable, it is enough to prevent the cracking of the floor joints. The area and angle of the chamfers of multiple locks may not reach the ideal index, and such results may be counterproductive.
The buckle floor developed according to geometry and mechanics is improved on the basis of the multi-lock form of the existing composite floor. The lock floor has high requirements for production equipment, processing technology, substrate performance, etc., which are generally not produced by small factories, so the price and quality are proportional.
Product name Cheapest click system plastic flooring
Version LC OAK RUNM1058
Material 100%PVC
Design wood,mafern or can do as your required.
Backing backing with click system
Thickness 4mm,5mm,6mm or can do as your required
Size 6''*36'',6''*48'',7''*48'',7''*36'',9''*48''
Feature anti-slip,waterproof,cheaper prices,can be used for many places
Usage door,out door,hotel,home,floor and so on.
Wear layer 0.1mm-0.7mm

SA OAK RUNM1058(图3)


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