If redecorating, be sure to choose plastic flooring

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In the decoration, the bedroom floor is generally paved with wood flooring, but the wood floor is easy to arch, warping, deformation, difficult to maintain, poor durability, and a series of problems. If you stick to the floor tile, floor tile insulation is poor, the four seasons are cold.



Fortunately, with the development of science and technology, our flooring has also come to change. A new material comes out of the sky, cures all the problems, can be called the 21st century high-tech new material model! It's a Vinyl flooring.



Vinyl flooring, also known as Vinyl flooring tile, is a PVC sheet floor. It is a new type of ground decoration material developed by high-tech research and development. It uses stone powder to form a solid base of high density and high fiber mesh structure. The surface is covered with super wear-resistant polymer PVC wear-resistant layer, which is processed by hundreds of processes.



Vinyl flooring appearance can imitate wood floor, but have super solid wood floor appearance level. Product texture realistic and beautiful, super wear-resistant, surface bright and not slippery.


Look at the Vinyl flooring how one by one to defeat the shortcomings of wood floor, become the leader in the field of flooring.


1. Environmental protection. Wood flooring, in addition to solid wood flooring, contains certain harmful gases such as formaldehyde. The main raw material of Vinyl flooring is natural stone powder, safe and environmental protection, will not release harmful gases.



2. Fire prevention. Wood floor fire performance is poor, flammable, burning will produce toxic gas, causing secondary injury. And the Vinyl flooring itself will not burn and can prevent combustion, high quality Vinyl flooring in the passive ignition of smoke will not harm the human body, will not produce asphyxiating toxic and harmful gases.



3, waterproof. Wood floor can not be damp, can not be exposed to the sun, or it is easy to arch, deformation, warped. But as long as the floor, there is always a chance of invasion by water. Milk, beer, drinks accidentally spilled on the floor, a glass of water accidentally knocked over, even a baby accidentally pooped on the floor, or a pet inadvertently causing trouble, these things happen all too often in our lives. Wood floor damp deformation, a sun, dry air, it is easy to arch. The Vinyl flooring uses cobblestone powder to form a solid base of high density and high fiber mesh structure, which has the solid characteristics of stone and is not easy to deformation.



4. Wear resistance. Wood floors are prone to scratches and scratches. The Vinyl flooring surface has a special layer of transparent wear-resistant layer processed by high-tech, according to the thickness of the different in normal circumstances can be used for 5-10 years, because of its strong wear resistance, so in the large flow of people in hospitals, schools, office buildings, shopping malls, supermarkets, transportation and other places, Vinyl flooring is more and more popular.



5, sound absorption and noise prevention. The wood floor will make a certain amount of noise, the footsteps upstairs a little heavier, can be heard downstairs. The Vinyl flooring can not compare with the sound absorption effect of ordinary ground materials, its sound absorption can reach 20 decibels, so it is very common in the place that needs a quiet environment, such as schools, hospitals, concert halls and so on.



6, foot comfort. Wood floor and tile hardness is higher, the feet feel stiff. The Vinyl flooring is soft in texture, so it has good elasticity. Under the impact of heavy objects, it has good elastic recovery. Its feet feel comfortable, which is called "ground material soft gold". It's very comfortable on your feet.



7. Variety and color. The wood floor is relatively simple in color, with only a few colors to choose from. And Vinyl flooring color variety, such as carpet pattern, stone pattern, wood floor pattern, and even can achieve personalized customization. Vivid and beautiful grain, with colorful accessories and decorative strips, can combine a beautiful decorative effect.



8. Maintenance. Wood floors can not be stained with water, not easy to clean, maintenance is also very troublesome. Wood floors usually tarnish, peel, etc., after a few years of use. Vinyl flooring maintenance is very convenient, the ground is dirty with a mop can be wiped.



In summary, Vinyl flooring in performance over wood flooring. In the price, the Vinyl flooring and the general wood floor cost difference is not big, but the cost is much lower than the solid wood floor.