Why are more and more hospitals using PVC plastic flooring?

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Why are more and more hospitals using PVC plastic flooring?(图1)
A hospital is a place to treat and save people. When a doctor sees a doctor and a patient rests, the surrounding environment needs to be very quiet. The hospital is full of various bacteria, and the disinfection treatment is carried out 24 hours a day. Even so, the bacteria will still be taken out of the hospital along with the discharged patients and the family members who visit the patients; the patients who have not recovered are very weak. Walking tremblingly, you need to pay attention to the road under your feet at all times. Therefore, in general, the hospital decoration must take these into account:
Can the color and texture of the floor surface play a soothing and calming role?
Is the floor environmentally friendly and antibacterial?
Are the floors in good hands?
Is the floor non-slip and wear-resistant?
The overall paving effect of PVC plastic floor does not absorb light and is not dazzling, which can greatly reduce visual pollution. Moreover, the floor surface has been UV-treated, which has super antistatic properties and permanent mildew resistance, which perfectly meets the various requirements of the hospital!
There is a special anti-fouling layer on the surface of the PVC plastic floor, which can prevent the accumulation of dirt, and the seamless splicing method does not leave clean dead spots. Every time you clean, simply wipe with a non-drip mop and your floors look new.
In addition, the raw materials used for PVC plastic floor are all pvc materials that have passed the IS09000 international quality system certification and ISO14001 international green environmental protection certification, which has a stricter guarantee in terms of environmental protection. In the production process, the floor strictly abides by the international pvc floor production process standards, and has formulated strict inspection standards to check each process layer by layer. The quality of its products meets the requirements of strict global laws and regulations.
Qualified PVC plastic floor must meet: qualified vinyl chloride monomer content, qualified soluble lead content, qualified soluble cadmium content, qualified volatile content, and no radiation.
Finally, the PVC floor adopts a multi-layer structure, and uses a reasonable friction coefficient to subtly disperse the walking pressure and shock absorption performance to ensure walking safety. The wear-resistant layer design highlights the advantages of the multi-layer structure, and contains a glass fiber reinforcement layer to ensure the permanent stability of the size, and to ensure that the floor does not deform or damage the floor structure. The elastic buffer can avoid the abrasion caused by the patient's fall. Good practicability and high cost performance, especially suitable for large areas of halls and corridors